Power system samples ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND™
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Power system samples ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND™

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    ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND™ Power System sample sets contain five sample cards, each containing a trial-size sample of the four most-effective products from ARTISTRY’s YOUTH XTEND collection. 


    The Power System sample set serves as an ideal introduction to ARTISTRY’s latest discovery in skincare and provides a great boost to your business. Each card contains Protecting Cream (0.75 ml), Enriching Cream (0.75 ml), Serum Concentrate (1 ml) and Enriching Eye Cream (0.3 ml). Together, these samples provide your client with the opportunity to benefit from the complete skincare experience delivered by this combination of amazing products.

    For the day following your visit and consultation, encourage your client to start the day with the Protecting Cream. Draw attention to its comforting texture and the protection properties provided by the Baobab extract. The total skincare experience is completed in the evening, with the application of the Serum Concentrate, Enriching Cream and the Enriching Eye Cream.

    The Power System delivers results quickly and promises to deliver noticeably younger looking skin in as little as one week. These rapid results give you the potential to shorten the lead time from consultation to sale while the multi-product nature of the sample provides a great platform for you to build further interest in the entire ARTISTRY range.

    •  Five luxurious sample cards in each order.  
    •  Four products in one sample card make this a great introductory tool to the entire ARTISTRY™ YOUTH XTEND™ range. 
    • The sample set is ideal for all skin types and addresses the core anti-ageing skincare needs.  
    • Ideal for those seeking rapid results – Power System delivers noticeable benefits in as little as one week.
    •  Rapid results mean lead time from sample to follow-up is short and there is a comprehensive range of complementary products to follow up with.
    •  As befits the ARTISTRY™ brand, the samples are prestigiously packaged and have a gift-like, premium feel.
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