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vanilla shake bodykey™

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    To support your personalized weight-loss programme, the bodykey vanilla shake will give you the help you need. This meal provides you with a balanced profile on macronutrients, in an instant and delicious way! Mix the contents with 250ml of semi skimmed milk in your bodykey shaker and get ready to lose weight easily

    Instant meal to support you with your personalized bodykey weight-loss programme.
    Provides a simple meal with a balanced profile on macronutrients

    Simple meal preparation for convenient usage in daily life
    Specifically developed formula to fit your diet profile needs

    Ingredients: fructose, vegetable fat powder, safflower oil, thickening agent: xanthan gum, milk protein concentrate, pea protein, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, flavour, anticaking agent: silicon dioxide 

    Nutritional value: 

      per 100 g powder per 29,5 g powder
    29,5g + 250 ml semiskimmed milk (1,5 % fat)
    Energy   484,1 kcal
    2027,3 kJ
    114,1 kcal
    477,8 kJ
    234,6 kcal
    994,8 kJ
    Protein 13,3 g 3,1 g 11,6 g
    Carbohydrates 53,5 g 12,6 g 25,0 g
    Fat 24,1 g 5,7 g 9,8 g


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