Partner stores


What is a Partner Store?

Partner Store is …

  • increase of ABO productivity by supporting the “home shopping concept” via Internet;
  • an additional income stream for both Amway and ABOs;
  • support of Amway image and reputation;
  • increase the Amway product/service portfolio;
  • support and endorsement of ABO recruitment activity.

You get your PV/BV only when linking to the Partner Store web page through the Amway website!


  • Our Amway Website allows access to, and advertises, third-party merchant websites from which you may purchase goods or services. Such merchants are responsible for all aspects of order processing, fulfilment, billing and customer service for any of their products of services.
  • Amway is directly or indirectly not responsible for any damages or losses caused or alleged to have been caused as a result of transactions between you and merchants operating such websites or by use of or reliance on the actions, content, accuracy, privacy policy, opinions expressed, goods or services provided or made available through these websites.
  • Amway is directly or indirectly not responsible for the term of order fulfillment, quality of order fulfillment, neither for the further cooperation between ABO and Partner Store after ABO’s linking to its web page.
  • Amway does not provide any consultations on Partner Store products/services (quality, shelf life, etc.). 
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