First order discounts and coupons
* The Fast Start! Discount offer is only available once within the first 10 days of registration. * You decide your Fast Start! discount: 10% off your first order between 100 PV and 200 PV. If your first order exceeds 200 PD, The First Order discount of 10% will apply to only 200 PD of the order. * For each 100 PD order you can earn 50 TL Online Gift Coupon, you can use this coupon / coupons for the next month, between 1 and 25th of for your personal order at 100 PD and above. 


Satisfaction Guarantee
* If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the product to have it replaced without charge, receive full credit toward the purchase of another Amway product, or receive a refund of the full purchase price.


Amway brands


Selling products
* Only Amway Business Owners, who have sufficient business registration with the local state and tax authorities, are eligible to receive bonus and any income deriving from products selling.