NUTRIWAY Legume ComplexNUTRIWAY Legume Complex
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NUTRIWAY Legume Complex

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    A natural, non-stimulant carbohydrate control for those who wish to manage their weight. NUTRILITE Carb Blocker is an exclusive blend of two, plant-based extracts (Touchi and Phaseolamin) that are designed to inhibit both simple sugars and complex carbohydrates, potentially blocking up to 500 calories per meal with just one 3-tablet serving.

    • Limits the absorption of carbohydrates
    • Allows users to add a wider variety of nutrient-rich carbohydrates to the diet without undesirable metabolic effects
    • Blocks the activity of key digestive enzymes needed to break down starch and simple sugars into molecules that can be absorbed by the body and potentially converted to fat
    • May help control swings in appetite
    • May block up to 500 calories per meal with just one 3-tablet serving
    • Based on Invitro tests to measure inhibition of starch and sugar calories.
    • Weight-conscious consumers who are concerned about their overall wellbeing and the effects of carbohydrate foods in their diet.

    Recommended dosage

    Take 1-3 tablets before a high carbohydrate meal.

    Duration of intake: one month.


    Pregnant or lactating women and anyone with a medical condition including diabetes and hypoglycemia should consult with a doctor before using this product. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep bottle tightly closed and store in a dry place below 25°C.

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