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AMWAY HOME™ household cleaning products are powerful, safe and environmentally friendly. The AMWAY HOME range of home care products includes our fabulous iCook™ cookware and knives and the eSpring™ Water Treatment System.

Laundry care

Our Laundry care products include powder and liquid detergents, powerful stain removers and pre-wash treatments that vanish away greasy stains. All our laundry care products contain natural cleaning ingredients sourced from plants and minerals.

Household cleaners

We have cleaning products for every task in the home, including multi-purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners that remove limescale and hard water deposits – and tough kitchen cleaners that cut through grease and grime, effortlessly.

Our task-specific cleaning products include car cleaning products, carpet and upholstery cleaners, wax furniture polishes and glass and metal cleaners.


AMWAY HOME’s concentrated dishwashing products for hand washing and automatic dishwashing power through grease and baked-on food to leave crockery and cutlery hygienically clean. They include dishwashing liquids and powders and Automatic Dishwasher Tablets that come in dissolvable wrappers for added convenience.

Cookware designed to last

iCook stainless steel saucepans and non-stick frying pans are tough, long-lasting and versatile. They are easy to clean and use less fat for superbly nutritious cooking.

ICook knives are designed for comfort, ease of use and performance and are a great addition to any kitchen.

The eSpring Water Treatment System

Giving you clearer, cleaner, better tasting water, directly from the tap, the eSpring Water Treatment System improves the quality of the water you drink, reducing contaminants and eliminating waterborne bacteria and viruses.


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